Soy Candles

I read an article on survival candles earlier in the week and the author lamented about the cost of survival or long burning candles. I agreed with the authors assessment and read further. He or she talked about using soy wax as an alternative and much cheaper.

I road over to Hobby Lobby the other night and purchased a 2 lbs bag of soy wax and a few wicks. I think all totaled it cost about $15 for the materials.

Now there are many ways to do this and many different containers that a person can use. One of the most popular are the Ball brand mason jars. Not having any on hand, and trying to keep my costs down for this initial experiment I opted for the small sized soup can. I also thought of in a bug out situation or transporting, a can would hold up better than a glass jar.

The soy wax comes in a bag and is a flaked material. The wicks are just that, wicks. 6 to a package. I used a small pot, filled with water and brought it to a boil.

I filled the can with the flaked wax and placed in the center of the boiling water and just watched it melt. Pretty mind numbingly easy really. I had to add more “dry” wax into the cans as it melted to top off the can.

I added the wicks to the melted wax after removing  them from the boiling pot and held the wicks in place with a bamboo shish kabob stick until the candles cooled.

In the end I came up with 3 can candles. I haven’t tried them yet and for a few dollars it didn’t turn out to badly. I’ll let you know how they work later.

I have included a link to Lone Star Candle Company. If you are into making a whole bunch of candles they offer a 50 lbs box for $60. Based on my 2 lbs experiment, that would equal 80 candles in soup cans or more if my math is off. I am sure you can find the wax cheaper but I only added the link for an example.

One thought on “Soy Candles

  1. Great post! Next time the wife drags me kicking and screaming into Hobby Lobby it won’t be as painful 😉

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