Zero Day

This blog is to share information on preparing oneself or family. I hate the term “survivalist” and prefer to use the term “preparer” or “prepper”. Although at first blush any of the above adjectives conjure images of a gun-toting, camouflage wearing, an anti-government militia members, nihilists or skin heads.

This is farther from the truth. A “preparer” or a “prepper” is just a person, I emphasize an average person or group of people who are merely preparing themselves for a point in the future that a natural disaster, collapse of the financial system, major terrorist attack, or some other large¬†calamitous event. They are not conspiracy theorist or anarchist. Most are just looking for a way to survive after an event until life returns to normal.

For those that are already familiar with the prepper world, I will try to find things that may or may not be new or creative to most. As you probably already know there is quite a bit of information out there. Some maybe redundant.

I will show some of the projects I have attempted and completed.

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