Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo

I have been watching the series Doomsday Preppers with some interest the last few weeks and have given some thought about it all. For the most part I think NatGeo initially portrayed most of the participants as kind of some flakes, border line extreme. But as the episodes have progressed they (being NatGeo) have kind of toned down a bit on their portrayals as they maybe realized that not all are living or dwelling on the fringe . I say “kind of” because inevitably at least one section of the show every week highlights one person or group that are kind of on the fringe.  I think some of these fringe participants are just naive in their thought process about prepping.

Take the seed guy for instance. Kind of strange fellow, and the whole scene about him getting jumped on a rural road because he thought the some guys where trying get his seeds. I think there is a back story there that has been left unsaid. Who knows? And on the same episode the really big guy running around his farm at night with a shotgun and all his kit on. He later was found unstable and the “government” confiscated his firearms. I have done a cursory watch of a couple of his YouTube videos, but not delved into them deeply to see if the information provided is accurate.

For the most part I have gleaned a few ideas from the show, like needing a HAM radio, stocking more water, and just preparing more overall. At the end of each mini segment they give the “experts advice” from a company called PRACTICAL PREPPERS: Top Products, Retreat Consultation I have not really read into the website but they are a consultant for a Prepper. Kind of a good idea if you feel you need another set of eyes to look at what you have. Maybe not a good idea if you are worried about OPSEC. Again, having not read into the website I don’t know what the confidentiality clauses are if there are any.

Like anything I read, watch on the TV, see on YouTube I keep a jaundice eye towards the information presented until I can follow up with more information and thought.

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