Field towel

Here is a field towel that I use well, in the field! It is more like a cross between a chamois and a microfiber material. Folds up nicely into a 4×6 little mesh pouch that can double as  something to put your shave kit in, when not using it for the towel itself. Nice thing about these types of towels is that they dry very quickly, and takes up a very small space in your bag. Total this towel is 36×40″ ? I think it was $19 at the PX and came in two colors, sage green and coyote brown. If I wanted I could cut this in half and still have two large towels to dry off with. The product came in four sizes, small, medium, and large and extra large. When I bought mine they only had the large and XL available.

Something to think about for your bug out bag.

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