Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo part deux

There is a good article over on AmericanPreppersNetwork by Phil Burns that articulates (better?) than what I was talking about a few days ago here on my site. We are both talking in the same vein when it comes to the show in general. How NatGeo has made some, if not all the preppers as extreme. Mr Burns also references a NY Times article in his blog that states “What they want is a license to open fire”.

I can honestly say not much offends me as I am a grown adult with a pretty thick skin after many years of military service and having spent allot of time tossing a fair amount of “insults” back and forth with my fellow crew members and team members over the years. Having said that, I do feel the need to comment about that statement “What they want is a license to open fire”.

When I here something come from the so called “main stream media” or anyone for that matter such as those made in statements just falls back to my category that I use for close minded people, ignorant. The attitude taken, I am smarter than you, I make more money than you, and if it where not for my extraordinary articulate speech and free thinking abilities you (you being just an average Joe)  just would not be able to make your own decisions without my input into your life. Talk about condescending and elitist. Really?

I dunno maybe it does bother me to some extent that there are people out in the world hiding behind the title of journalist that feel the only part of the constitution that pertains to them is the 1st amendment, all the other amendments are subject to personal interpretation or to be ignored in entirety. People that make statements such as “What they want is a license to open fire” are of the type that feels the constitution is out dated and needs to be scrapped or rewritten (don’t believe me? goggle it) and those that “cling” to the original document are in effect ignorant themselves.

Prepping can be compared to any other activity humans do. Let me give an example: being a mechanic and owing your own repair shop (ok, maybe not the best example) you have almost every tool and gadget to work on and repair vehicles, does that make you a tool extremist? By the general definition it does, any hoarder, or hobbyist could be considered an extremist. I had a high school shop teacher that lives and breathed model railroads. Extremist? When I lived in Texas my neighbor mowed his lawn twice a week! best lawn on the block by far! Was he extreme? Was my grandmother an extremist when she had a garden and canned most of her vegetables, raising chickens, ducks and geese during the depression to help her family survive? I never considered her extreme in her views on preparing food for next week or next year.

Just because a person owns a firearm are they are looking for a license to open fire? In the broad stroke of a brush we can label anyone or thing as an extremist. We should beware of using those labels before we go down that road, George Orwell stories comes to mind if we do.

I think the majority can all agree that true extremist should be left to what Merriam Webster has defined, Nazi’s, Stalinism, Communism, or internally Michael McVey, Black Panthers, etc. as viewed through an American prism.

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