Offline for awhile

I am off on a bit of a trip for the next couple weeks trying to learn a new craft. I am attending a school to get smart in the Executive Protection world. Not a cheap school by any standard ESI has been around since the 80’s and is highly recommended by many people. I am participating in the 28 day residency course for the total immersion feel. So far it is pretty cool and in my class there are like minded folks. Majority are military with a sprinkle of LEO’s. I am mostly waiting for the last week and a half when we do live fire drills etc.

My biggest complaint? having to spend $92 every time I filled my gas tank driving to Colorado. Yeah I drive a Suburban, it gets shitty mileage, but damn it rides nice, handles nice, and I can crush little cars as I roll over them at 75 MPH cruising down the interstate!

I will fill you all in when I get back and can give a good AAR.