Condor Plate Carrier first review

Back in March I had wrote a bit about a quick release plate carrier by Condor that I purchased through LA Police for around $92.50 less shipping. Today was the first day I had a chance to actually wear the rig for any length of time.  Initially, after I received it in the mail I put it on to fit the rig to my body and was pretty impressed. I’m 6’2″ 224 lbs and with some easy adjustment it covers my vital areas. So 2 pluses, cost and fit ability.

My only other experience with wearing a plate carrier and it was the old OTV , very uncomfortable even without the ESAPI plates.

I grabbed the neighbor and we drove down to the range we belong to and played around for about 5 hours in the hot sun today. I wore the vest the entire time doing some action drills with my carbine and sidearm. Honestly I never took it off the whole time. I wanted to get a semi real world feel for the vest. Now I do not have plates for the vest and was not able to get the feel for the extra weight they add to your movement, but overall it was very easy to wear and with the mesh interior it allowed quite a bit of ventilation. I still sweated like a pig but felt like I had no restriction of movement.

For a first time on the range, I give the equipment a thumbs up. As I wear and get more time in the field I will update on how the holds up.


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