Things that go bang

A couple of updates on my bang sticks and this post is in conjunction with the Condor plate carrier review from the other day.

I have run about 800 rounds through my Daniel AR-15 in the last few weeks since my return, it is rock solid with no issues. I wish my M-16 at my unit was as nice.

My M&P now has about 1500 rounds through it and still functioning very well.

1. shows the wear marks on the front of the frame

2. shows the wear on the back of the frame.

No major worries as these are normal wear and tear. I do Hoppes oil on the 7 standard lube points when I clean.

Here is a video on how to clean a M&P via YouTube.

Now this is another touchy subject that everyone and his brother has an opinion on and I am not even going to take the time to argue any point for or against.


In the same vein as caliber and make/model of firearms if you find something that works for you fine. I am glad open to hear your thoughts as to why, but dammit I could give a fuck as to hear you carry on about how much better your “fill in the blank” is better than what I have.

Having vented that, I have been running Tula ammo through my Daniel Defense AR-15 with only 3 primers that failed to fire out of almost a 1000 rounds. Anyone want to figure the percentage on that? .003% if my math is correct. One out of every 333 rounds failed to fire. For $240 or so shipped to my door I am not gonna bitch. The first batch is from Came fast and no hassles. The second batch I purchased from, even faster shipping for the same amount of cartridges and price. BulkAmmo comes out of St. Louis and has a pretty slick website, CheaperThanDirt is out of Texas and the website is a bit more cludgy to navigate. Both good companies and I recommend them. For what that is worth.

This is what they call a spam can, with the outside box for a visual.

The second pic is the tool you need to open the can.

The third pic is what the interior looks like after opening the can. 20 rounds per box staked and sealed in each can. Hermetically sealed if you wish. I would hate to be on the line trying to open one of these bad boys in a desperate situation and the zombies moving quick on your position. I took all the boxes out, then removed all the ammunition from each individual cardboard box and dumped it all into a standard GI 50 cal ammo can for easier access. Just reach in and grab, reload your magazines.

I have found the actual cartridges do not shoot any more “dirty” powder wise than the Army issue equivalent that is manufactured by Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. Now there are differences between each, being the Tula is a steel case and the Lake City is brass as the first noticeable or visual difference. So for all those it is better arguments, save it.

In combat give me the Lake City, killing zombies or on the range? Tula. I know a lot of people in the forums have had issues with their particular AR  not shooting the Tula ammo well. Jams etc. It all depends on your equipment and again I will say find what works for you. Go to WalMart and buy a couple of boxes and shoot it through your weapon and see what works. If I can put lead down range fast and efficiently without jams or failures, who cares if the velocity is X and the powder is X instead of Y. A Tula kills just the same as a Federal right?

I can tell you my M&P does not like reloads at all. For whatever reason. And I stick with name brand for it. PMC, Federal etc.

Empty cup scenario, remember?

2 thoughts on “Things that go bang

  1. My neighbor also uses the 45 cal in his hand gun and has not had any problems either. Like I said you just need to try it in your equipment and see if it works for you. Thanks for the comment.

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