Condor Hydration Carrier

I bought one of these a couple months back and have used it exclusively now on my ruck marches. The molle works very well with my issue Army ruck sack as I can attach it to the back of the pack without interfering with the main flap in the event that I need to access the contents of the pack. I have included a link to a review (not be me), datguy781 does a much better job on explaining the product better than I ever could.

Take a look here: Condor Hydration Carrier Video datguy781 also has quite a few other very informative videos, so take a look at his YouTube channel.

I don’t really like the bladder system that comes with the Condor, the tube itself is a little short to reach around from the ruck sack to my mouth. I’m sure that if I used it as a stand alone system and not attached to my ruck it would work just fine. The Condor carrier includes a 2.5 liter bladder,that I eventually replaced with a 3 liter Camelback I already had on hand, and the Camelback bladder still fits nicely and has a longer tube. As far as the Condor carrier it is pretty sturdy and well put together.

For the price? you just cannot beat $28, A comparable off brand will run $10 more (Walmart) to over $100 more for a Camelback brand.

I bought my Condor Water Hydration Carrier from and in the video the author purchased his from

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