Day at the range

I drove up to the “city”  Friday night to meet up with a couple of teammates that I went through EP training with. One of my teammates stayed another month to complete ESI‘s PSD (Personal Security Detail) training and was showing me some videos and pictures taken during his class. Very high intensity.

During dinner we talked about what the course consisted of and some of the new skills he learned during the 28 day PSD resident course. Now my EP teammate is prior MARSOC and did 3 tours in Iraq doing some pretty crazy stuff that for some folks might have a hard time wrapping their heads around. So I was pretty surprised that he spoke highly of the course and walked away with some new found knowledge. I wish I had more time to talk to him about the class and some of the action drills they learned, but I had a 2 hr drive a head of me and a early morning so we had to cut the night short. Sucks when life gets in the way of fun. We did promise to hook up in September again, hopefully we can schedule some range time and I can learn a few new tricks.

Saturday morning I took the girlfriend and another couple (good friends) to the range for some shooting drills. What a awesome day weather wise. When we arrived there was a big NRA shooting class being held all day and a majority of the ranges were closed to the other shooting club members. We had to squeeze into a small 50 meter range to do our stuff. At least it was outside and not indoors.

I ran my GF and the other couple through most of the drills I learned at ESI, the girls and “Ron” (not his real name) did fantastic! I was really surprised at how quickly they picked up not only the drills but adhered to the safety instructions and rules I laid down. I was really kind of freaked (I was running on a few hours of sleep after the night before) about teaching novices but they were really good and great students. We were all novices at one time I guess, and I will be the first to say I do not know it all.

Just so there are no flames about the girl references I was mostly uneasy about them being novices and not girls or “Ron”.

Some things I covered after everyone warmed up with some basic static target practice:

Fail to fire drills

Tactical reload vice a combat reload.

Fail to fire with a tactical or combat reload. This consists of a magazine loaded with 5 rounds one round being a snapcap, recover from failure, continue to fire, do a combat reload and fire one more round. Shot from 9 meters

Firing from cover/concealment

Firing from 3,9, and 15 meters

Firing from 3,9,15 meters and moving quickly backwards from each distance to the next.

Shooting at a “suspect” from 1 ft and moving backwards quickly while firing 3 more shots.

When I took a bathroom break and came back all three were running through the drills we had just went over, I was totally blown away that they were practicing by themselves! All were pretty jazzed at the end of the day. I am just glad that:

1. no one got shot

2. it was a safe event

3. all three had a good time

4. all three learned something new

My thought pattern is that if I can impart some knowledge on our friends when the SHTF I can look to them for some added security and protection and not worry about having someone afraid of handling a weapon.

A comment made during the day was: this is all great for a combat situation. I explained to them, that take all this in the context of “your in your home” or “on your property” or ” or “your walking to your car”  putting into that type of context seemed to make sense to them.

I think I wrote about in a past post, the difference between .223 and 5.56 caliber ammunition. Here is a link from FourGuysGuns that might help explain better the subject for those with a burning desire and a quest for knowledge.

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