Tuesday is garbage day in my neighborhood. My girlfriend had put some chicken parts in the kitchen trashcan last night after I already took the garbage can to the curb. When I got up this morning, and went to throw my teabag away. I opened the kitchen trashcan and was assaulted by a horrible smell, what a way to wake up. This all happened just as the garbage truck was outside dumping my container and getting ready to roll down the street to the next house. Here is a bag full of smelly chicken parts that I have to put outside and let bake in the sun for another week in a semi sealed garbage can rotting even more. I so look forward to the smell every time I open the garbage can to throw more trash on top.

A thought occurred to me, what would I do with my garbage in a SHTF scenario? You can pile your daily trash up on the curb all you want, no one is going to drive by and pick it up anymore. If you are bugging in and want to keep a low profile, trash on the curb is a dead give away that someone is still in the house.

Bury it? I have a small yard by comparison but larger than the rest of the houses in this neighborhood. The other domiciles on my block are packed tightly together. We all live in 1920’s bungalows, privacy was not a major concern back in the day. But then again a freshly dug hole is again a give away to the house being occupied.

Burning it? same problems as the above two scenarios.

A midnight run to another neighborhood and dumping it in a vacant lot? maybe?

Granted in a SHTF event and maybe bugging in, we would not be eating fresh chicken from the freezer or grocery store. But there is always some trash being made and in need of disposal. Funny you never read about this subject in any of the SHFT type books fiction or not.

In a bug out? Iron Eyes Cody will definitely be shedding some tears as folks dump as they go.

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