Condor Chest Rig

I was sitting outback of the house today and the UPS guy rolls up in his brown truck, jumps out of with a box in his hand! I love Christmas in June! I had ordered a chest rig back in March from For whatever reason the rig has been on back order since that time. Total cost? $39.

Here is a view of the front.

There are 6 pouches (3 double stacked) for AR-15 magazines.

4 pouches for sidearm magazines on the left and right side of the rig.

The flap (center) can be used for sidearm magazines or other accessories, flashlight, knives, etc.

All the pouches are permanently sewn to the rig, so you cannot move them around. Condor did add molle to both the right and left sides so a person could add more molle gear if desired.








Here is a view of the back or the side closest to your torso.

Center- is a mesh pocket to store documents. Unless they are laminated I personally would sweat through the paper quickly.



Here is a better view of the rig in a multicam pattern.

All the straps are adjustable with padded shoulder straps.

There are a myriad of chest rigs that can be had in the price range of $39 upwards to $300.  It all depends on what you are looking for. Some rigs allow the insertion of ESAPI plates, soft armor, side plates (side protection) extra molle on the back. Just depends on what you are looking for.

One thing I will warn you against is the airsoft versions of chest rigs, and plate carriers. None of these are made to hold up to the hard knocks that continued field use do to gear. Although they look the same, feel the same and probably smell the same in the end the airsoft gear is not. There is your buyer beware for the day.

I bought this for use when I go into the field and when I’m not required to wear the IOTV. The Army issue “vest” sucks or in military parlance its commonly called the Fighting Load Carrier kit.

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