A variation on container gardening

Two years ago we had the gutters replaced on the house. Whoever had installed the “originals” were very obviously on crack. The GF knows the gutter guy and asked if they could leave us a few leftover pieces and put end caps on them. Now comes the part where I get roped into the project.

So she says “I want these gutters attached to the side of the house”

I says “you just had new gutters all around”

She says ” on the side of the house, I want to plant veggies in them”

I says nothing, hang my head and get out my tools.

Here is the end product. Lettuce, cilantro, and some other stuff.

I actually screwed the gutters into the house and the brackets are just kind of for decoration. Every 12″ or so I drilled holes in the bottom of the gutters for drainage. I have to admit it was a very weird experience drilling holes in the bottom of a gutter, almost sacrilege. This is the second year she has planted “stuff” in gutters and I must say that it has worked well. It keeps the plants up and away from the damn rabbits that are everywhere!

The other thing I noticed is there is no pulling weeds and being at waist and chest height, I don’t have to bend over to maintain. Cool huh? Smart girl…..

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