When the Police come

There is a great article over on loadoutroom.com that gives some very good information on what you should do if you are involved in a shooting protecting yourself, your home, or your family.

First of all I am not a lawyer and not offering legal advice.

When I attended ESI back in April we had an entire class that covered this topic. A couple of things that stuck in my head was:

Lesson 1: You own that bullet until it stops. Stopping is defined as your bullet stops in a perpetrators body cavity, a wall, a car, a building, a bystander. You own it. You bought the ammo at the store once and where it lands my cost you again big time depending on where the pointy end ceases its forward movement.We are a very litigious society, remember that. A 10 cent bullet my cost you everything you own in the end if you are not careful.

Lesson 2: Never talk to the police. Yes they have a function in society to keep the bad guys at bay, keep law and order in a civilized society. They are not your friends! They are not there to engage in casual conversation or check on how nice your garden is coming along. They are there to find out who did what to whom and why. You have a little “right” known as the FIFTH Amendment that is there to keep you from self incriminating. Its your Constitution use it. Do not consent to any searches of your home, property or vehicles.

Here is a scenario that played out in Colorado as told by one of my instructors: Two men attempted to mug a law abiding citizen one evening while he was out for a walk (the citizen was licensed to carry concealed), one bad guy was shot during the confrontation  (not killed but wounded) and both ran away. When the police arrived and started their investigation, the two bad guys where found and the story they gave police and the story the citizen gave where completely different. According to the two bad guys they where minding their own business grab assing each other and because they were of a minority race, the citizen took exception to them and shot unprovoked.  Well guess who was arrested? the bad guys were able to witness for each other and the citizen was by himself. Citizen also became very chatty with the officers during the investigation and comments were taken out of context in the subsequent police reports.

Second scenario that happened in a rural area not 30 miles from my residence: Two men entered a farm house late one evening believing the owner had a large amount of marijuana and money on his premises. The first of the two perps was shot dead and the second fled the scene. The second was later apprehended and arrested. Under the Castle Doctrine the home owner was not charged with any crime. Also with one perp dead it was a “he said” “he said” scenario. The home owner kept his mouth shut and talked to a lawyer first probably saving his butt in the long run. Also killing the first perp took away the second perps witness.

Lesson 3: If you shoot you better be mentally prepared to take someones life and not just flash a weapon hoping the bad guys will run away. During my instruction we were also taught not to change the crime scene in anyway. Some have tried to leave a throw away gun, moved items around and even moved bodies.

Lesson 4: Aiming to kill and killing also reduces the “he said” “he said” scenario.

Essentially, things to remember are: name rank and serial number is all you are required to give, pleasantries aside.

My name is:______My address is:_______ after I speak to my attorney I will give you a full and concise written statement as to the events that lead up to this incident. (SAY NO MORE)

Read the article, there is a great Cris Rock video at the end that even though is very funny, it holds a lot of sage advice.

Here is the link:

What to do when the police come

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