I had a bizarre experience today  while at the gym working out this morning.

The gym has 4 or 5 rows of treadmills, each row has about 15 or so dreadmills in a line (yes I said dreadmills, I dread running on them) with a final row of bikes and rowing machines behind the dreadmills. An older couple was using two dreadmills in the last row and a few where people riding the bikes behind them.

I’m not sure what really happened but I was doing situps had my glasses off and caught movement off to my right side. When I got my glasses back on there was an older lady getting drug and thrown off the back of the dreadmill with her husband slapping the red kill button for all his worth. As she lay on the floor a trainer and myself were the only two to stop what they were doing and ran over to help the fallen lady. She was ok in the end, and the trainer and I helped her back to her feet. I will bet money the older lady will have some road rash, bruises and be stiff tomorrow for sure.

What blew my mind was the number of people that either sat on the bikes and offered no assistance what so ever to help the older couple, or the girl that stepped over us (yes stepped over us as the lady was sitting on the floor) to take over the dreadmill the injured lady’s husband was using. I mean it was a surreal situation. A total lack of compassion was what came to my mind. I think ignorant would be a better adjective.

As I was running home I kept thinking just how far people have come from a day when generally people would help each other out and never ask a question or a favor in return to a time that we watch a pair of senor citizens sitting on the floor of a crowded gym in obvious distress and people not 3 ft from them just watching.

What the fuck? is all I can say.

I can honestly say that as a prepper you need to choose who you talk to about your preps carefully for the wrong ear maybe the one that is looting your shit later. Our society has become so entrenched with the “me” attitude that I firmly believe in a SHTF environment people will be expecting and even feel an entitlement to your hard saved food and material’ goods. I went to bed last night as free American and woke up in quasi socialist society. Yeah I’m naive. But I’m working on that.

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