Update: Condor Chest Rig

A while back I wrote a short article about the Condor Chest Rig that I purchased. I was able to use it in the field this past weekend for the first time. Results? I’m still on the fence.

I can tell you that wearing the Condor with a 60 lbs. ruck sack sucks to say the least. I had a hard time trying to adjust the straps on the Condor, not that it is hard to adjust the straps, I had a hard time adjusting it comfortably to my body. The other thing I had an issue with, was while wearing the ruck sack, the ruck caused the Condors straps to push into my neck. The Condors straps would not fall under the ruck sack straps or lay down flat. Maybe its my body type.

Before I give the system a thumbs up or down I will try it again next month when I am out in the field again.

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