New reading material

I have run across a couple of books or short novels on the Kindle Fire the last week that have turned out to be pretty good.

The first set is a series of books written in a diary format called Union Creek Journal by Toby Asplin. Cool concept, there are 5 diaries currently running from November 2014 to March 2015. The first journal is free if you have Amazon Prime and the others are like 99 cents each. I like the flow of the journals but hate the sudden ending of each! I guess it is the authors way of getting me to come back and buy the next journal.

The second set of books I picked up is called the Western Front by Archer Garrett. Short story format with two books out now. Good read also.

The Western Front book talks about the what if scenario that I wrote about in my last post on Dirt bags.

Both are based in a post collapse US either on the downward slide or the sudden crash storyline. I like both and will continue to read the rest as they come out.

Sorry no giveaways on any of the books.

4 thoughts on “New reading material

  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve checked out samples of both books, and I’ve put both of them on my reading list.

  2. Thanks for giving me a mention on your blog; just a heads up, Part 3 of The Western Front should be out by next Monday (8/13/12).

    Keep up the good work here.


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