Bug out Vehicle

I was searching (actually killing time) on bug out vehicles and ran across this picture;

This is a Mil Surplus AM General M-920 tractor that the owner picked up at a sale  Here is the article explaining the modifications that he made.

Pretty crazy huh? I suppose you could pretty much roll through any roadblock or down the median of interstate without to many problems.

When I see pictures like this it reminds me of the 1977 movie with Clint Eastwood, The Gauntlet.

Clint’s character took to welding a steel cocoon around the drivers compartment with a slit to view out as he drove, or as the stunt guy drove.  In the movie they shot the hell out the bus and rolled up to the courthouse steps to deliver the witness that was never suppose to live. I remember seeing this movie back in the 80’s and thinking what a cool idea!

The M-920 above has some pretty distinct advantages over the bus for obvious reasons. Funny thing though, they both get about equal mileage from the same gallon of diesel.  In a REAL SHTF scenario which would you choose?

I am afraid that I would be in a GMC Yukon XL. It wouldn’t offer much in the area of bullet protection and the mileage is pretty abysmal (not as bad as the two above vehicles)  but it has a lot of space inside and above the roof line. I have been pretty remiss in preparing of a BOV. Just one of the things on the list of “to-do’s”

Somewhere I read that you should be able to drive and be within one tank of gas to your bug out site. For most of us that is in the 400 to 500 mile range not taking into account sitting in traffic burning fuel and cursing.

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