I know the world is abound with all kinds of conspiracies, UFO’s, JFK, Amelia Earhart, etc, etc, etc. I just read an article about the Social Security Administration and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration purchasing hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition for what? the SSA only has 300 agents? and they are going to shoot 174,000 rounds in one year? I highly doubt it. NOAA? WTF? really?

This is all on top of the DHS purchases of .223 and .40 cal million plus expenditure earlier in the year and then telling the border patrol to not engage in gun fights with narco terrorists that cross the border, really? Why the need for all the ammunition?

There are some that think the present administration is up to something with all the 3 letter agencies buying millions of rounds of ammunition for some future nefarious deed. Like they are expecting some sort of calamity to occur in the future.

Here is my thought: The large expenditures are a way to control gun owners and tweak your 2nd amendment rights. How? Well with the “Progressives” in the front office and no real political will in the Congress or Senate to attempt another federal confiscation of your fire arms, the government is trying to buy up as much ammunition as possible in an bid to drive prices up for the average shooter. Most manufacturers are already at max production of their facilities with a 10 plus year war (well multiple wars) and military procurements at an all time high. There is also talk coming from the beltway of trying to limit on-line ammunition sales after the Colorado shooting by that douche bag James Holmes. What a coward. Essentially, buy all the guns you want. The only thing you will be able to do your new Glock is throw it at a perpetrator cause there aint no ammunition to shoot.

Personal commentary and conspiracies aside I think it is a plausible explanation. You can bet that if there is a political shift in November you might see the government have a fire sale on ammunition at below market prices.

Yes I thought of all this myself and as I think more about it, technically it is a conspiracy theory. I’m so smart!

More books and reading

I have to say that I am really kind of taken back by this gesture of nicety? is that a word? Anyway I wrote a couple reviews about The Western Front series books 1 thru 3 written by Archer Garrett the last couple of weeks. Mr. Garrett emailed an advanced me a copy of his new novelette for the Kindle a couple days ago called Flashback.

What a great great story! It is a good cross of George Orwell’s 1984, V for Vendetta, and We Which as I write this all these stories are pretty much alike. But none the less Flashback is pretty good in my opinion, and I read it quickly (as it is a short story). Flashback has a lot of action built into the storyline and would like to see it expanded on.

I am a military action, post SHTF junky as of late so take my enthusiasm for what it is. If your not into this genre then I would say it is not for you. If you are then, take a look at Archer Garrett’s fiction and enjoy! 3 books for $10 on the Kindle.

Gerber M-15/M4/AR15 Tool

Have a friend in Afghanistan that sent me this cool little tool a Gerber 31-000049 Multi-tool, actually I received it a couple months ago and I am just getting around on giving a review.

This tool has been around for a few years and I just stumbled upon the tool about a year ago during training. Wanting one but not wanting to spend the money are two different things.$89 at the PX.  Doing a quick check I see that it is down to $64 on some on-line stores.

I have used all the components. Is it worth the money? Depends. I can say that the scraper has really come in handy during my cleaning exercises. And all the other pieces have worked as advertised.  But…..

After a recent training event, I was a range safety officer and my company was zeroing their new M4’s (out of the box new). As with any zeroing event almost everyone had to adjust the front site of their rifle. Being the nice guy I handed out my new tool and off it went down the line tweaking the front sight on all the new rifles. I heard a lot of “Very cool tool Sergeant”, beats using a bullet, Thanks Sergeant!

When it came back after the second iteration? the four little prongs on the end where sheared off  (Sorry tried to get a pic but my camera won’t get a close enough shot). A soldier was cranking down on their site and kept trying to turn even after the sight was all the way down, or up I don’t know but when I got it back it was hosed.

So in short? the tool is not really soldier proof but has its use in your kit if treated with care. So now I’m off looking for another to stick in my kit.