The GF planted two tomato plants this year because last year she planted three and they took over a whole portion of the yard and grew over the fence. I think we pulled at least 2 bushels (I think it was closer to three bushels) worth of fruit off the plants. We had so many tomatoes that we really didn’t know what to do with them all. My mother froze a whole bunch and ate them over the course of the winter.  The GF calls the soil in the yard “magic dirt”, everything just grows crazy in the yard.

So this year the GF planted just two plants (big boy variety) in a different location on the north side of the yard. The thinking was, surely two plants won’t take over like last years plants.

The magic dirt again kicked in and the two plants have again gone crazy. The plants themselves are are almost four feet high and from the looks of it about ten feet around. Think I’m kidding? Check out the picture.

What is so bizarre is the neighbor planted the exact same variety from the same store. Her planets are doing ok but nothing like ours. This spring I tilled in fresh manure (I mean fresh) and fertilizer into her small garden but looks like it didn’t really have any effect when you compare her plants against bushzilla.

I pulled two dozen fruit off this evening and promptly  paid tribute to the neighbors with the fresh bounty. You have got to keep the neighbors on your side just n case of a future crisis and if a few tomatoes keep them on my side, it is cheap payment.

Now I wish I had a good dehydrator. Either that I need to get off my but and learn how to can.

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