Condor Hydration Carrier (Update)

I purchased a Hydration Carrier from Condor quite a few months ago and have used it exclusively attached to my ruck sack without a complaint. I wrote a short review here. This past weekend I took it into the field and used it not as a molle attachment to my ruck but as an actual hydration carrier using the supplied shoulder straps.

Now for me, using the carrier over the shoulders with the factory straps I can sum up the whole experience with two words: it sucked. Not a pleasant two days in the sun wearing all my battle rattle. The carrier itself would pull low on my back when fully filled with water causing the chest strap to rise almost up to my neck. Cinching the shoulder straps did bring the chest strap down but caused the main shoulder straps to cut into the undersides of my armpits.

Kinda of a bummer as I was looking for a water carrier that I could use both as a molle attachment and quickly transition to a standalone shoulder carried unit.

The carrier was tossed around quit a bit and so far the material, stitching, and main Velcro flap is holding up pretty good. Obviously I haven’t dragged it through a deployment yet and won’t know the survivability of the product until I do take it out for an extended stay in the bush.

In Summary? great as a molle attachment to a plate carrier or ruck sack, bad as a stand alone over the shoulder water carrier. Maybe its my body type, maybe it was an after thought by the manufacturer to add the straps.

2 thoughts on “Condor Hydration Carrier (Update)

  1. I’ll give it a try. Like I said I love the pouch, easy in easy out. But I tell ya the straps sucked bad, felt like I was being choked all the time. At least I wasn’t down range stuck with it being my only water carrier….besides the GI 1 quarts.

  2. Earlier this year at a training session a guy showed up with one of those. About halfway through the day he crossed the straps and that seemed to work a bit better for him. Might help ya out.

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