The Western Front (Parts 1-3)

Back about a month ago I was flipping through the Amazon book store on my Kindle and ran across the series called The Western Front (parts 1-3) by Archer Garrett. All three books are fairly short  about 2 hours read each. I was totally sucked in from the beginning of the first book and I like realistic action books.

I don’t want to take anything away from future readers so I will just summarize. The US and the world is pretty much in the throws of a global depression,  hyper inflation and all the woes that go along with an economy in the shiter. The Federal Government is impotent and the Mexican Narco terrorists have made moves on reclaiming most portions of the southwestern swath of the US with the Mexican government looking the other way. There is a pretty good side story going on that is not so far fetched in my mind based on the books overall story line. Throw in the usual third world antagonists  and I think you have a pretty damn good narrative.

Book 3 lead me down the rabbit hole and as I was reading as fast as I could then……. book 3 ended! I mean just like that?! WTF?

That’s my only criticism is that I got caught, sucked in and now I gotta wait for the next installment. Sorry Mr. Garrett. That’s the only bad thing I can think of about the whole series.

One thought on “The Western Front (Parts 1-3)

  1. Sorry I left you hanging! I took some time off from the series to write a quick novella that I’ll be uploading today. Shoot me your email address an I’ll send you a copy to ease your nerves.

    Will be starting on the sequel to the WF very soon. Glad you enjoyed it.

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