More books and reading

I have to say that I am really kind of taken back by this gesture of nicety? is that a word? Anyway I wrote a couple reviews about The Western Front series books 1 thru 3 written by Archer Garrett the last couple of weeks. Mr. Garrett emailed an advanced me a copy of his new novelette for the Kindle a couple days ago called Flashback.

What a great great story! It is a good cross of George Orwell’s 1984, V for Vendetta, and We Which as I write this all these stories are pretty much alike. But none the less Flashback is pretty good in my opinion, and I read it quickly (as it is a short story). Flashback has a lot of action built into the storyline and would like to see it expanded on.

I am a military action, post SHTF junky as of late so take my enthusiasm for what it is. If your not into this genre then I would say it is not for you. If you are then, take a look at Archer Garrett’s fiction and enjoy! 3 books for $10 on the Kindle.

2 thoughts on “More books and reading

  1. Your a good writer Garrett, although I am only one fan I enjoy your stories. Keep plugging away! And I am not just saying this to get another free book! LOL!

  2. I’m glad you liked it. The world of flashback is definitely something I would like to develop if the interest is there.

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