Road Trip

Well, I have put over 3000 miles on my but in the last 3 weeks. First I drove to Eastern Pennsylvania and back to attend a Army leadership school. For what it was it was a good school and I took some good things away from it. Then this past weekend the GF and I drove to Arkansas for a little recon trip to check out some perspective business opportunities and look at some acreage for a possible relocation to that area of the country. Although the weather didn’t cooperate with us, it was rainy and foggy the whole time. We did get to see some pretty amazing countryside and was really struck by beauty of the state and the crazy up and downs of the mountains of the Ozark area.

I have driven on some wild 3rd world roads in my lifetime, and I had to be careful driving in the hollows. My Suburban has 4 wheel drive and I exercised it judiciously driving on some of those slippery one lane gravel “county” roads. Some places I was questioning if it was really a road at all. And the GPS actually gave up one time and showed an error to the effect that you are so far off the beaten path “I” the GPS have no idea where you are! I’m not making this up. The GPS error ed out, it was lost!

Like I mentioned we looked at property while there. In the long term it will be part of our plan to retire.

A few things I was looking for was isolation, access to a water source, a place I can shoot the hell out of my weapons and not get the cops called on me, and most importantly some place the GF could see herself living for the next few years. We were pretty surprised at the amount of land available and the prices. The locals were to a person pretty nice and helpful. A good trip and not spent in a hotel room looking out the window at a parking lot.

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