Man Purse or a European Man Satchel

When I was at leadership school a few weeks ago, we were getting ready to run STX lanes (Situational Training Exercise) pronounced “STICKS lanes”. As I was watching the cadre pull out the ammo for the M240’s and the M249’s the soldiers were doing the TTP’s and prepping their weapons they took the ammo out of the carrying pouches and started tossing them into the shit can. I was watching this with a bit of humor and thought what a waste! I could use those pouches for something prep related.

So I scavenged about a dozen or so from the trash and brought them home to add to my pile of prep items.  I haven’t figured out what I will use them for yet, but the pouches are made from a light canvas and each have a solid piece of strapping sewn to each for slinging over your shoulder. I was thinking a person could make a small first aid kit and have it handy in the car. The shoulder strap could be thrown over your shoulder or tied to your ruck sack if you need to ditch your vehicle.

I couldn’t pass up the price of “free” so if I never use them I won’t feel bad. I’m sure I will find something to use them for.

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