Zeroing your weapon, and a blowout kit

Yesterday afternoon the GF and I ran up to our favorite gun store and made a stop by Bass Pro Shop to look for some prep items. Mostly we just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours.

After getting to do my guy thing it was the GF’s time to do her thing and run thought the girl stores. So as I was waiting in the truck I broke out the iPhone and started to while my time away catching up on a few channels I subscribe to on YouTube.

I have been a subscriber to James Yeagers Youtube page for awhile now, he runs Tactical Response in Tennessee. From what I have read about the school it offers some good shooting courses and for some reason he has a following of “haters” and I am not sure what that whole story is about.

But I digress, I was watching one of James’ video’s on zeroing a rifle. It (the video) is more of the physics behind the travel of a bullet then zeroing but I thought it was pretty good and the subject was never explained to me that I remember, or it is more like I fell asleep during one of the death by power point marathons I sat through during training. Give it a look, I learned something.

To give another plug to James’ and his videos, He demoed a blowout kit by SOE that I thought was ingenious. The people at SOE gave this product a great deal of thought. Here is the video and here is a link to SOE.

It fits on the front or the back of a plate carrier or a chest rig, which ever is of your choosing.

Per the SOE website: “Perfect for attaching on back of armor or on front and then placing mag pouches on top. 10″ wide x 8″ tall and 1.5″ deep when loaded up. Will hold 1 4″ to 6″ izzy or similar dressing, 1 Quick clot battle gauze or H&H gauze, 2 cat2 TQ’s or similar sized TQ’s, 1 NPA and 1 14Ga needle. The packed med tray can be pulled out from either left or right side.” 

In the video by James Yeager, he makes a good point. being able to pull your blow out kit with either hand is a big plus. Unless it is your units SOP to have your IFAK in a certain place on your rig most people will mount the IFAK on their strong side or dominant side. What if your dominant hand/arm is wounded? Try and reach around around your rig and body to access your blow out kit.

The SOE bag lists for $95 without the contents.

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