Kratocracy By Archer Garrett

Kratocracy: Government by those who are strong enough to seize power through force or cunning.

This is one word that after I read the definition gave me along pause for thought…….Somewhere in my brain I had heard of the word but never gave it RAM for storage and just data dumped it out of my head.  Then I started to read the new book by Archer Garrett titled using the same.

I have been a fan of Archer Garrett‘s books since I stumbled across The Western Front on my Amazon Kindle. This new book continues The Western Front series. In the overall timeline of the series,  Kratocracy starts a short time after the 3rd book of The Western Front pauses.

From the first page of the first chapter, the book jumps right into the crazy action that I enjoy from all of Archers books.

With all the intrigue aside, and I’m not going to give away any of the plots, yes plots. I think I like the books because of how well the storyline is thought out and the characters have developed through out the series.

I love zombie books and stories but they are fiction. Unless there is some rage virus that the government is working on in a secret underground lab in the suburbs of Fargo N.D. I don’t ever to believe there could be a possibility in them.

Archer’s books are in the fiction genre also and non-zombie. But  as a reader, one could look at the storyline of these books through a current day prism and draw some pretty scary parallels to what is happening around the world and domestically.  For me, that makes a good read!

I am going to say that I sat and read this book in one sitting cover to cover, with only one stop to eat. I found it that good. But them again I may just live a sheltered life. Find out for yourselves! Download Kratocracy and give it a read. I would suggest you pick up The Western Front series and read them first.

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