Bug out bag, more of a vehicle bag

Finally put my vehicle bag together. Since I have a a fairly long commute to work my goal is to have something in the vehicle with me in the event of getting stuck in snow now that winter is beating its way towards us. Or in the event that some other unforeseen circumstance could cause me to either be stranded for a period of time or end up having to walk some distance.

I was asked if I was going to throw a folding shovel or some type of snow removal tool into the back of the vehicle also. I thought about this for a bit and came on the conclusion that if I was foolish enough to be driving to fast for conditions and ended up in a snow bank, or more than likely in a ditch facing the opposite way I deserve to be stranded. We have all, or most of us that live in a part of the country that has snow and ice with some frequency seen that one vehicle I just described above. The driver standing on the side of the road with a total look of “I’m fucked” on their face.

I don’t say this with contempt, because when I was 16 I was that driver. To arrogant, to fast, to much slush and snow, and my 71′ VW Bug in a ditch facing up a 10 ft bank to the top of the road.

I will say no to the shovel. The calorie expenditure vs. the effort? not practical in my mind.

So here is what I have now:

A bag. I bought a second Voodoo Tactical Tobago 3 Day assault pack a while back. Not cheap but I have had another of the same for 3 years now and it has held up pretty good after some fairly good abuse. It is good sized and if one is not careful they could overload it will to much weight.

A couple items I added after I took the pictures, a sleeping bag, a set of Gortex pants and coat. Also a can of my poor mans Sterno

The bag
pen, sharpie,grim-lock, S hook, Kleenex, cellophane tape, and the 2 round Mickey Mouse objects are compressed paper towels.
2 yummy MRE’s, bag of trail mix, and vacuum sealed bag with high energy snacks, signal panel, small compass, matches, and some other “stuff”
My military man purse with 100 rounds of ammo, Shemagh, a vacuum sealed bag containing 2 pr of socks, 1 pr of pants, t-shirt, polo type shirt, one set of poly-pro underwear top and bottom, knit cap, and gloves
Canteen, belt,chemlights,flashlight,lighter,knife, pill bottle with a few yards of duct tape around the outside, inside the pill bottle I added a book of MRE matches and TP, water purification tabs.
A first aid kit from WalMart. I added a couple extra items like a few extra rolls of gauze and a tourniquet. The kit already has aspirin, burn cream, band aids etc. A pretty basic kit.
Gortex boots, I’ll swap for lighter boots this coming spring.

5 thoughts on “Bug out bag, more of a vehicle bag

  1. Some places, like ND, have strong winds, and it is entirely possible to find oneself in the dutch through no fault of one’s own.

    Small shovels are also good to construct snow shelters more quickly if you’re in a critical situation and need to get warm fast.

  2. Some thoughts off the top of my head:



    One of those cheap, ceramic-plated, coffee cups
    More lighters!

    These are more for the truck and less for a pack:

    Bolt Cutters
    Threaded Links for Chain

    • I totally agree, I have been eyeballing the battle dressings and the water filter.
      This is a living project for me and for my bug out bag I will defiantly have these packed. For now this is a get home bag. I am sure it will morph as time goes on.
      Thanks for the links!

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