Prepping on a budget

I know, I know we have seen many a posts saying/showing how to prep on a budget or minimal costs. I am going to share a picture of what adding $20 to your grocery budget each week or each time you go shopping for food. By setting aside that small amount, or any amount for that matter you can slowly build up your stock pile. As you can see below just picking up a few items here or there can quickly add up over time. This particular image is showing some basic medical supplies. Most items are only $2-6 each. Could you run a trauma unit from this? no, probably not but there is enough here that would keep general cuts and scrapes from getting infected badly, aspirin and Motrin for cutting fevers and reducing aches and pains and items for oral hygiene. Not a lot but enough for a short duration.

Here is a link that I pulled from I think SouthernPrepper1. It is a vet supply company, ShopMedVet is the site. From just a quick look around the website they have just about everything you would need to setup your own trauma unit and if not you can buy what you need in small purchases.

Look all, here is a reality check. I was unemployed for 13 months, I took that $20 and made small purchases when I went to WalMart or other grocery stores in my area. I still was able to keep the lights on and the mortgage paid. Believe me I didn’t drink Starbucks or eat name brand anything, so it can be done.

Just saying……….

3 thoughts on “Prepping on a budget

  1. Good post.

    One very helpful thing people could to to get more funds to prepare would be to shut off cable TV and use the money to prep.

    That is, if prepping is a higher priority than the garbage that passes for entertainment nowadays…



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