Lots more reading reviews

I picked up a 6 new books for my Kindle Fire in the last week. And read all but one so far.

Final Dawn Episode 1-5 by Mike Krause

American Rebellion Book 1 Of The Revolution by Roger Abramsky. I’ll review American Rebellion when I get some more time to sit down and read. In the mean time check out Roger’s blog, he writes about very relevant subjects.

Final Dawn, all episodes.

I like them! A bit of a different twist on the post apocalyptic genre of books. If you read the only one star review on Amazon on the series, it will be entirely wrong. Flat out wrong so disregard if you do read the review.

The series starts out with introducing the four main characters and spends a pretty fair amount of time developing them. They are all caught in various places in different parts of the country when the main event “happens” And boy does it happen. Lets just say that in one fell swoop 99.9% of the worlds population is gone! The continuing series keeps piling on the action and drama chapter after chapter. Not a lot of running and gunning but the storyline makes up for the lack of shooting in other ways.

I am not going to spill the beans on this series, they are a good read front to end. That’s all I will say. If you are into this type of reading then I suggest that you give the books a read. I personally like the books, they are just that little bit different from the zombies, economic collapse, invasion of the US by other countries types that it kept me interested for 5 books. And really? $.99 for a book? Cheap entertainment.

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