Now that I spend a fair portion of everyday driving to and from work, I grew quickly tired of listening to my music on the iPhone and also the drivel that passes for news on the radio. We have a 90 days free subscription of XM Radio on the car and honestly I get tired of hearing the same comedy routines. The music isn’t bad but for the most part I listen to the road.

With my new job and trying to “bone” up on new technologies, I thought why not check out a podcast. The Apple store has an app (what isn’t there an app for nowadays) to subscribe and download the broadcasts.

I found the technology podcasts I was looking for and also found the PRN (Preparedness Radio Network) I was pretty surprised at the amount of prepper broadcasts that are available. Most broadcasters have a niche and stay pretty much to the subjects they know best. There is a cross section of Gardening, Medical, Pet medical, The Practical Prepper, and about a dozen or so I am missing. Most podcasts run about an hour with a few that top out at 3 hrs. From the half dozen or so I have listened to the last couple weeks, for the most part the authors/broadcasters put out some pretty good information. Some podcsts are just hard to hear, I think it all depends on the authors/broadcasters internet connection as they record.

If you have the time, either at home or in your vehicle pick a subject and give a listen. Hell its FREE! and some valuable information can be had just from listening.

Podcasts Screenshot
Podcasts Screenshot (Photo credit: Dale Gillard)

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