As a Army rat myself…..well put, well said. The feeling that something is going to happen is pervasive in the ranks, I can attest to your comments. It doesn’t take a PHD to figure that out

The Lizard Farmer


A lot of folks think that I had died, fallen off a cliff, or been stampeded.  Thanks for all of your concern and if I didn’t answer your email I’m sorry – the internet connections where I was at sucked big time.  I have actually been overseas for the last few weeks on a short term contract and despite dealing with the typical DoD and DoS bullshit I had a pretty good time and made some shiny change to boot.

The defense piece will pickup again next week but I want to relay something I encountered while abroad and the feeling is still fresh in my gut.  Being an old troop one of the things I revel in is spending time with young troops just shooting the breeze.  During this trip I got to spend some quality time with a lot of troops from various different types of units. …

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