More Sterno

Curtain call in Sleepy Hollow

A few months ago I wrote an article about how to put together a “poor mans Sterno can”. When my GF was going through her mothers things who passed away a few years back, she found about a dozen cans of this product called Real Flame. It is a gel fuel and I haven’t even opened a can of it yet to see what is inside. From what the GF tells me her mom used to light them in the fireplace in place of wood. Mostly for ambiance. GF actually pointed out to me that it would be a good prep item, hey! great idea!

Cost?? Free!

If we loose power in the middle of winter I’ll break them out and see how well they help keep us warm. Or they may just suck the oxygen out of the room and we will be found passed out and blue laying on the floor. I’ll keep you posted.

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