Boil Order

Got a reverse dialing call from my City Hall today, water main break and there is a boil order in effect. Looks my town has had not one but 3 line breaks in 2 days. The 1st break happened at 3 am, blew out a 100′ section of street and drained a 1 million gallon water tank in 3 hrs. Yes I said a million gallons.

The city pumps were trying to keep up with the pressure at a rate of 3000 gals a minute. The pumps in overdrive is what keyed anyone that a major break happened. This leads to some basic questions:

What would you do if this was this was an extended boil order?

Do you have water set aside? If you do,  you really want to boil water for an extended period of time?

Do you have pets? what about their needs?

If it was wide spread and actually no water in the pipes could you get by?

Just saying…………

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