I finally got off my buttocks and joined the NRA last month. I know, I know this is something that I should have done years ago. I just never had a real reason to or felt a political need. Now that I have become more passionate about my hobby and my 2nd amendment right I thought I better participate.

I was looking over the NRA website last night and ran across some pretty good instructional videos.  This particular one deals with shooting from the ground. Pretty good information. When I went to ESI this past spring, we did a few variations of the same exercise. We shot on our sides, around a corner while laying on or sides, on our backs while shooting over our heads.

One of the students asked why it was important to shoot on your back. The instructor gave a real world example, when he was a police officer he was caught on a two way shooting range and behind a vehicle, by rolling on his back he was able to shoot under the vehicle and return aimed fire.  We practiced this quite a few times shooting at steel plates. Now I don’t know if this is a true story or not but made good sense and I have followed up by practicing and passed along this tip to a few friends and GF.

Here is a flip side of that train of thought. The Army teaches us that you stay away from a vehicle because vehicles are bullet magnets, but if you are pinned down, stay behind the tires and more importantly the engine block area. And bullets skip under vehicles, which would lead back to what I wrote a paragraph ago. Laying under a vehicle returning fire.

What I am trying to articulate is be open to all types of training, every situation is different, learn what you can.

Oh and lastly, join the NRA!

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