I have tried (very hard ) to keep this blog a-political, prepper oriented and just generally a place to give you food for thought. I am going to try and maintain those same thoughts with this post.

What is your first impression after seeing this image?

The article implies Ms. Lindsey Stone was just being a carefree young adult just having fun!

Ms. Stone quotes:  “Whoa whoa whoa … wait,”  “This is just us, being the douchebags that we are, challenging authority in general. Much like the pic posted the night before, of me smoking right next to a no smoking sign. OBVIOUSLY we meant NO disrespect to people that serve or have served our country.”

Ms. Stone may not have meant any disrespect, but in reality? she did. And, she is probably for the first time in her life being held accountable for her actions. I can only imagine that in her mind challenging “authority” is they way to go, to be in, to be free, a way to express her individualism. Why that is what she was taught, grew up that way, its not her fault.

Really? Look I am the first to challenge authority, and question to it. I do not blindly march to the fascist military establishment, I am part of that said establishment, better than twenty years of my life.

I learned from a strong woman very early on in my life, I always looked up to her even when I grew past 6′ and eventually to my (non slouching) 6′ 2″  that you respect what others have given for this country. Never question their sacrifice, their devotion, and their duty. The flag is not something to wrap yourself in without earning the right to have it draped over you in the end.

This picture Ms. Stone took is a perfect example of disrespecting those that cannot defend themselves. If this was someone poking or making fun at the mentally or physically challenged there would be all kinds of main stream media outcry, liberal (sorry progressive) lynch mobs. But these people are just dead. No outcry. Its just challenging authority.

In the end? Ms. Stone will be handed a director position of some non profit (ala Anita Hill) that sucks as much public money as it can from the general fund and made to be a hero, someone who herself made the ultimate sacrifice to her individualism and was just ignorant and not responsible for her actions. The dead? Ah well they are dead, they don’t deserve anything beyond, death. After all it isn’t progressive to think about those kind of things anyway.

That women that I looked up to? she was my grandmother, 5′ 3″, never finished 2nd grade, raised 4 children through the depression, lost her father in a coal mine fire, traded sugar for flour during WW2 to make bread, raised chickens and geese to trade eggs. Had a garden, canned vegetables, made soap, fed everyone in the neighborhood that couldn’t feed themselves, always had an open backdoor that was never locked (never had a key remade after the original was lost).

She was the ultimate challenger of authority, never looked for a handout, never asked the government for anything other than to leave her alone and live her life.

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