IFAK Part two

Had some time off this weekend and went to another gun show with the GF and some good friends Saturday. Not seeing any deals out there in the gun show world. As a matter of fact this particular show really didn’t have anything but a large crowd squeezed into a to small space with to many vendor tables.  Another disappointing experience.

Here is a visual, I’m elbowing my way down an isle to look at some surplus military gear and I see two IFAK‘s sitting on a table. In my mind I am thinking about the last encounter I had with a vendor over a IFAK. Maybe I was a dick last time but I hate when people state ignorance as fact. But I will give the guy credit this time. He was pretty cool, I asked if the tourniquet was still in the kit and he said take a look. Sure enough, it had one. As I perused the table I saw a tourniquet still in the original wrapped and asked the price, $20. The IFAK? $35 easy choice in my mind.

Here is what I bought

The same vendor had a full on medic kit, CLS type, brand new in the original assault pack and all the expiration’s where still in date. I just didn’t have the 400 bills to buy it. I still would love to have this piece of gear vice the GI IFAK.


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