When does BOMB not really mean BOMB??

GF text-ed me at work today with this.

GF: Bomb threat at the mall

Me: Awsome

GF: Bomb squad heading down from the city

About and hour later,

GF: This is what the “bomb” threat was, A letter and packages used the acronym “BOMB” meaning build, order, maintenance, and batching. No BOMB threat, mall open. The letter and packages were destined for a fabric store (name redacted for the blog) which is now working to eliminate BOMB acronym from distribution terminology.



Funny right? More than a decade after The World Trade Center and even farther back, Oklahoma City. How does a corporation allow and oversight such as this to happen for so long? If the acronym had not been PC I bet it would have changed many years ago.

You have to credit the delivery driver or whoever it was for catching the label. To bad it wasn’t caught sooner and numerous businesses would not have had to close down for the morning. Just glad no one was hurt.

But seriously, you have to laugh!

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