Book Reveiw time again

I want to start off with a plug. If you don’t own a Kindle then you should consider it as a prep item. Shy of a EMP are you going to carry all your reference material with you during a bug out situation? Remember, books weigh a lot. Kindles can store Microsoft office files, pdf’s,  along with all the popular image files. With a small solar charger the life is only limited to the real life of the internal battery.  Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain. They are such a great small, simple device that allows you to carry a large amount of data. And ultimately? you cannot buy books cheaper than through a Kindle.

Ok, Kindle plug over.


Here are a few books I have read the last week or so. When I sit and read, I sit and read.

With Out Rule of Law by Joe Nobody

Joe authors quite a few books. This book covers a lot of subjects from blending into your environment, preparing, you and your family, gear, preparing checklists and testing those checklists and gear. Weapons, optics and how does your gear work with your weapons such as does your backpack interfere with the draw of your sidearm. Mindset, physical fitness, and how your eyes see “things”. There is A LOT of information in this book and in my mind it is a keeper. The author touches on the subjects pretty well without boring the shit out of you.

The Home Schooled Shootist by Joe Nobody

Joe again wrote another good instructional book here. This book is mostly about the carbine (AR-15’s) and handguns. This is not a book about which weapon is better or worse but more about how to first understand the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop, and understanding the physical aspect of handling a weapon. Example, Natural Point of Aim, MOA, etc. There is a chapter dedicated to just performing drills with both a carbine and a sidearm. Training, Marksmanship, and Shooting from Cover all have their own dedicated chapters. Again tonnes of information packed into this book and again a keeper for reference material. The last portion is about nutrition by a guest writer that I found a bit shrill. Almost as though I was being hollered at as I read. Valid information, just didn’t care for the format of the writing. The last chapter does not  take away from the rest of the book. VERY good information if you have any inclination to better yourself as a shooter.

Holding Their Own: Pedestals Of Ash by Joe Nobody

I told you I was a fan of Joe. This is (I think) the last of the series with the main character Bishop is kicking ass and doing what he can to make his corner of his world better after the colapse. I am a real big fan of this series. It is not so over the top in the storyline that you say to yourself that could never happen. Like a Hollywood action movie where no one ever reloads or runs out of ammunition? The story moves pretty fast in portions. What I like about all the books as a whole, is there is much information to be taken away for the average prepper in knowledge gain. If you read the other books (above) by Joe you will sense that you have seen some of the subject matter before while reading the Holding Their Own series. It’s subtle but Joe is teaching you something besides reading a good action and adventure book. Hint: blending into your environment and checking your gear. In reading this last book, I really got the feeling the author himself had experienced a vast majority of the situations Bishop confronts during the books progression.

There seems to be a fourth book in the works and I feel as though the new characters introduced in Pedestals Of Ash will be forefront of the new book. I still would not be surprised if Bishop makes an entry somewhere along the line again.

The Remaining: REFUGEES by D.J Molles

I have been following this series from the beginning. It is a zombie type storyline where the “infected” are pretty much everywhere and in a sense kind of slowing down and condensing in numbers. I won’t elaborate beyond that. This latest iteration of the series explains why the “infected” are the way they are. The main character Lee has nine lives and pretty close to using them up . The ending of the this last book left me cussing like a sailor (which I was a long time ago). I was so wrapped up in the story thinking WTF? and then there is Lee sitting in the middle of the road. I won’t ruin the ending but the last page said: Working on book four. How could he just leave me hanging?!! I am pissed. Real good reading front to end. Love it!

American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution by Roger Abramsky

I think this is Roger’s first book. He also runs a informative blog RMACTSC that has been around a while now. American Rebellion starts out painting a pretty bleak picture of the world with the US as the focal point of the story. The main character is just an average guy that is suddenly caught in the mix of all the nastiness that is going on around him. He is truly confused by the chain of events that has sucked him into the forefront of current events. The story is of rebellion, (hence the title) where people have had enough of a repressive federal government and it’s progressive policies. There is some good intrigue written in to keep you page flipping till the pages run out.

I believe book two of American Rebellion is available now on Amazon.

I know I missed a book or two somewhere. I’ll save those reviews for next time.

2 thoughts on “Book Reveiw time again

  1. As an indie author, I am really impressed with and rooting for D.J.’s success. The dude has managed to make some major scratch selling his books (per, the sales #’s he’s released, as well as his book rankings).

    I wish I knew his secret sauce recipe (besides riding the num num zombie wave – but there are plenty of zombie books out there that pale in comparison to his success – so there’s more to it). Whatever it is, it’s totally working.

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