When is a Xbox not just a game machine?

Ok, I like first person shooter games, so yes I own an Xbox. I don’t play much, but I do like to play.

I logged onto my Xbox today and noticed that they now have a YouTube application which allows you to view YouTube videos on your TV through your Xbox. You have been able to view pay per videos for a number of years through a Xbox live account, but this is a fairly new service. If you subscribe to any YouTube “channels” this is pretty cool way to watch your videos on something other than your laptop screen. I like it because it is easier to share with GF (if she is interested), better sound, and a bigger picture. So if you have an Xbox and subscribe to any channels on YouTube you might want to try this out.

Some of the channels I watch are:


James Yeager at Tactical Response

FPSRussia (funny)









Just thought it was kind of cool and thought I would share. Now it will give you an excuse to tear the controller away from your kid(s) and use it for your own version of fun and knowledge gain.

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