Smith & Wesson sights

The time before last I went shooting at the range I lost the white dot on the front sight of my S&W M&P 9mm. I have well over 5000 rounds through the weapon to date. I now know of 3 different M&P’s that have had either the front dot fall out or one of the rear dots. Each have had from less than 200 rounds all the way up to what I have shot through my personal sidearm. I don’t want this to be made out as a bad reflection on the weapon as a whole. Terrific weapon and I will always have one near me. Very solid. Just can’t say enough about the model. S&W did their homework and created a great tool. The white dots are fail-able. Hopefully they have solved this since I bought mine.

The first pic is of the front sight. When I first cleaned the weapon I thought there was just some dirt or powder residue stuck in the indentation.

The second is after I touched up the sight.


Here is a bit of a back story before I talk about how I repainted the front sight. I was talking to a gunsmith and asking him about the small bottles of sight paint I saw somewhere online while watching a video review. He looked at me and my friend with a funny look on his face and said “why don’t you buy a bottle of white Testors model paint and save your money?” I just stood there kind of stunned and thought, what a dumb ass why didn’t I think of that? So that’s what I did. I bought a bottle of white paint and a package of tiny micro brushes for $5 at Hobby Lobby. Took all of 2 seconds to do the job and its done! I can see my front sight again.


Really? the guy could have sold me a $20 bottle of sight paint and told me to bake the weapon in a oven at 500 degrees for 4 hours to set the color properly. Not that I would have believed him, but he offered me a cheap and simple solution. Good businessman, he knows with an honest answer he will earn more than that $20 back from me in the future. And I don’t have to melt my weapon down into a slag heap in the kitchen oven.

2 thoughts on “Smith & Wesson sights

    • When I went through ESI back in April I had a guy in my class lose a rear dot the first day. Gun was right out of the box unfired same model etc. Mine took 10 months and a friend with the same weapon, had the same result on a rear sight also. I haven’t researched if others out there are having the same issue. Like I said, its not a major problem for me. Curious that I have seen it 3 times now. Its fixed and I am groovy with it all.

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