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I received a comment today and just decided to post the whole comment as a new post. I did browse through a few of the categories of books and it looks pretty solid. Although, like the commenter states most of the books are out of print or copy writes are long past. Most of the books are pre 1920’s but I think they offer some very relevant information. I also like the idea that they offer the books in PDF and e-reader format.

And best of all?? Its free!!

English: Old book bindings at the Merton Colle...
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We’ve put together a free Skills Library for Preppers. It’s more of an “aftermath” library since it’s made up of several thousand books from the 1800s through early 1900s. They’re all public domain books or expired copyrights which are freely available however they’re scattered across history libraries and other sources all over the world and can be time consuming to track down.

They detail skills and knowledge that has been lost in the last few generations but are the skills people would need to survive, rebuild and prosper in the aftermath of an EMP event, natural or manmade.

There are a few places that sell them collected on CDs but that’s a barrier to some people and we felt they should be freely available to everyone. We’re trying to spread the word about the library and we’ve set up information so any other websites who care to can also post the links directly to the books without having to actually host all of them (40gb-50gb).

The library isn’t complete yet but it’s growing rapidly and we expect it to continue growing. The number of books that are suitable for inclusion is huge and I’ve barely scratched the surface.


Lighthouse Survival Librarian

p.s. We run a commercial site but also want to openly contribute something to the Prepper community as well. So we’re using the commercial site to sponsor the library.

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