Doomsday Preppers part BLAH!


Has anyone been watching this years episodes of Doomsday Preppers? I have found the series to be a pretty lackluster this season. For the most part it offers some mild entertainment, but nothing of substance.

I don’t remember which episode I am going to talk about but the Preppers name is John Adrian. What struck me, here is a guy that has spent a lot of money and continues to do so, has a self defense/firearms instructor basically on staff. The scene I am talking about is Mr. Adrain is on his knees poking his head around a corner to look for a home invader. I do not want to make Mr. Adrain look silly, he only knows what he has been taught. But your head is not the first thing you stick out when looking around a corner. You want to “pie” a corner, this allows you to take a small cross section when entering/viewing a room you are trying to clear without exposing a large portion of your body let alone the most important part that does all you thinking.

A fatal mistake, I agree with him being low to the ground. The human eye has a tendency to only look at what is at shoulder level. So staying low and firing around a corner would catch anyone off guard when they are expecting to “see” something at their shoulder height.

Let’s give you a rookie mistake (me being the rookie, and in many aspects I still am) and though different scenarios between Mr. Adrian and myself it will come clear in the end.

We stacked up outside of a room in preparation to enter and take down possible bad guys hiding in said room. The room was actually a large kitchen. 25 x 40 or so with a lot of stoves, ovens, refrigerators, hanging pans etc. Kind of dark and everything stainless steel. You have a visual? Now as you enter the kitchen, there is a 4 ft high wall on your left, and maybe 6 ft long. Straight ahead is a wall of commercial freezers.

I am the first man in the stack. We are taught to enter quickly and cover one section of the room sans flagging our teammates with the muzzle of our weapons. Everyone has a sector and your muzzle does not go outside that imaginary boundary. My first mistake when entering the room was not sweeping my sector and the second mistake and most importantly my fatal, was leading into the room with my head and not my weapon. Sitting on that small wall when you first enter the room was a “bad guy” not 6 inches from my head, squatting like a vulture. He clocked me as I came through the door. BANG! your dead! So the second mistake kind of nullified the first mistake I made that morning. You only get one chance in life and there are no re-spawns in this game.

I am not bashing Mr. Adrian at all, he is in a much better place prep wise then I am at the moment and he is doing pretty well for himself.  With some more practice, he will get it down.

Pieing a corner takes practice and something you can do in your own home without the neighbors giving you the stink eye. You can even gear up and go full tactical. When I practice, I stick a target in the corner of the basement somewhere when I do my room clearing.  If you have a partner, better yet! get them move the target to different places in the room between practice turns. Train like you fight, fight like you train.

For the most part I see the people profiled on Doomsday Preppers made out as crazies again. Kind of a bummer because I sense their belief in what they are doing is right and pretty apparent which is good. The portrayal is not.

One thought on “Doomsday Preppers part BLAH!

  1. Gabe Suarez had an excellent video on Amazon re: slicing the pie that I wanted to link to, but unfortunately it has been removed. He also brought up that in addition to side to side movement – the slicing, you can move forward and back to adjust how much pie you slice with each footstep, if that makes sense.

    The farther you are away, the less area you slice with each lateral movement. Geometry and angles.

    He also had a line taped on the floor as a visual aid to help practice what point you do not want to cross, or risk exposing yourself.

    It was from an old video of his – very very good clip.

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