My Apologies

Been out of touch the last week or so. The Army has me going to a crash course language school in order to learn Pashto, nothing real in depth just enough conversational Pashto to get myself in trouble.

I am not a overly religious person. I do believe and practice in private. I ran across this Psalms and thought it was apropos as I prepare for my upcoming deployment.

Psalms 144:1

Blessed be the LORD, my rock,

who trains my hands for battle,

my fingers for war.

I think this is a keeper to stick in my pocket.

Justice fires back — privacy, the press and guns | Fox News

I’m not a Fox News drone, but when I read this I thought it was relevant.

When the Progressive main stream media wraps themselves in the flag while tearing down the rest of the Constitution and has their own actions turn on them, they hide behind the very institution that they are trying to take away from the average Joe.  It is another example of “what I say is good for you but not for me” attitude. Why are the editors and staff of The Journal News now hiding behind armed guards at their facilities? Read the article below, the author explains it much better than I.

Justice fires back — privacy, the press and guns | Fox News.

I am a total and unabashed current events junkie. Can’t help it, but that is what helps me to be best at my job, Psychological Operations. You my friends are being psyop’d by those that hide behind the 1st Amendment and claim to be just presenting the news.


Ammo Sales

Has anyone tried to buy ammo lately? Online or locally? The shelves are pretty bare eh? Back in August I wrote an article about ammo and my theory. Then Sandy Hook occurred.

223,7.62, 9mm all gone. If you do find it online, from what I have found it is almost double the price of pre-December 14th. pre-12/14, 223 Lake City ammo was running about $460 for a 1000. I saw it listed last night for around $900 (+/-). Most sites like USAMidway only show “out of stock no back order”. website, only shows what they have available for immediate sale. LuckyGunner nothing,, empty. I read a short article about a week ago interviewing a gun store owner, he relayed a story about a customer that bought 30,000 plus rounds of 223 and cleaned the store owner and his supplier out of stock. One could say the customer was hoarding, but I tend to believe it was a shooting school or range that was buying whatever they could.


As I have been working in the basement the last week, I have been listening to a large number of PodCast’s to drown out the sound of the large sander I have been using. One PodCast, Today’s Survival Show by Bob Mayne he talks about bartering and how common everyday items that seem pretty innocuous today could be very high value in a SHTF scenario. This particular PodCast, was recorded about a year ago. One of the things Bob talked about was ammunition and how it could become even more valuable than gold or silver as a trade item. Now I am not saying that we have reached that point yet but just by looking around at the empty shelves, virtual and physical I had an epiphany and Bob was right! This also is in line with The New Reality post I put up the other day. I sit here thinking that the farther we are moving away from 12/14, that things will be back to normal, and I will be able to just order my ammo from and be merrily on my way. Will it?

Will all the sabre rattling coming from Washington about more gun control just stop? Will the knee jerk, feel good laws that the progressives are enacting like the state of New York did a couple days ago or other states enacting their own versions stop or fade from American’s minds. I think we are entering a new era of soft gun control. If you can slow down or stop the sale of ammunition then a so called assault weapon just becomes a club. I hope I am wrong, and I hope we can go back to a point where I can walk into a store and buy a box of ammo to go shoot on the range without driving home empty handed and putting my clubs back into the safe.

The New Gold
The New Gold

All the political rhetoric aside we as gun owners are all being collectively punished. Whats lost in the media’s psychological operation about needing new gun laws is we are still 16.5 TRILLION dollars in the hole,  neither political party is offering or cares about a solution, 7.8% of the population is out of work, and we are still in a 10 year war. If the American public doesn’t think we are being psyop’d into forgetting about the deficit and budget, then all I can offer is a shovel to help dig the hole deeper to put their collective heads into. It is amazing how we as a society tune out until the next Pearl Harbor, or 9/11 happens then wake up for a few months only to fall a sleep again.

New Reality

If there is one PodCast that you listen to this month or if you haven’t listened to a PodCast ever, then in my opinion this should be the one!

The shows I am speaking about is from and Bob Mayne, I wrote about his shows a couple posts back. Just a really good guy, that puts some very good information out.

This is not some conspiracy theory crap, listen and form your own thoughts.

Episode 191 New Reality