Safe/Bug Out Room

Here are a couple pics of our safe room, it has been a work in progress for about a year now. Overall the “room” is actually two rooms. As you walk through the main door, you see the toilet and shower. Like a wet room. Never took a shower down here yet but the dogs have practiced many times for me!

Here is a link to my original post and what the “room” looked like before I started my project. Some things have changed but for the most part the biggest changes is/are the wall that was built and a “secret” or secondary door added. The pictures don’t really show the new wall, kind of did that on purpose. Nothing special about it. It just has shelves against it. It would be to the right of the picture below. DSCN0337

Behind the shower wall is the storage, gear and bunk room as seen below. I made space for two adults to sleep down here. Currently the top portion is used for storage or piling of stuff that haven’t found a place on the other shelves. And mostly just a place to throw my ruck. All our preps are in this portion of the room. One thing not pictured, is I keep a small HP notebook with wireless connection on at all times, just for weather updates and what not. I purchased a cheapo TracPhone a few months ago at WalMart and keep it charged and plugged in. If GF or myself have to get into the room quickly the last thing I’m going to do is look for my phone. This portion of the safe room is the best protected with 3 of the 4 walls consisting of poured concrete and and structural brick.DSCN0335

More storage. The door on the left is the main door to enter the safe room. Just a regular outside steel door. I did change the hinges to a more beefy type I found on sale. DSCN0341

This is a small area under the stairs that we haven’t filled up yet. Eventually I am thinking this will be for water barrels.The wall facing you in the image is composed of 90 year old 2×4’s ( I dare anyone to try and hammer a nail into one of these without pre-drilling) Original plaster covered by 3/4 plywood. DSCN0342

This is a second door way that was installed opposite the shower area. I wanted a way to bail out of the room in the event of an emergency. If someone is beating on the main door, one could exit here and circle around through the workshop to come up behind the perpetrators.DSCN0338

This is looking at the door from my workshop area, It is kind of a hidden door. As I hang tools on the door I don’t think anyone would take the time to really examine that the wall pushes in.DSCN0339

And here is the door open.DSCN0340

I didn’t go all crazy with the wood wall, and had the thought of doubling up the plywood (OSB) with a heavy metal screen layered between the two. We settled with 3/4″ on the “outside” and 1/4″ on the “inside” of the wall.

Primarily the room is for storage. Still need to get some solid locking mechanisms on the doors and the plan is for having the secondary door only able to be locked/unlocked from the inside. I was going to go all gonzo on the walls and even the ceiling with insulation and plywood but thought the money could be better spent else where.

The secondary purpose of room is to allow the occupants time to get the doors closed and locked, get a weapon ready and shoot out if needed. The thought is the room will be a good temporary bug in location and a pretty safe room if needed.

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