No I’m not doing a podcast. GF has a hard time listening to me drone on when I talk so I don’t think most readers would want to hear me groan.

I ran across Bob Mayne’s PodCast a few weeks back but never sat and listened to any episodes until the last two days. I have been working hard in the basement the past few days stripping, sanding, and refinishing doors and trim from the rooms upstairs. To cut the monotony of the sander noise I have been listening to Bob’s PodCast’s, about 20 episodes so far. Bob has a great way to convey the subject he is speaking about. His PodCast’s are really down to earth, regular guy speak. He makes the subject(s) that he is talking about very easy to wrap your brain around, and keeps the subject on prepping and away from the gunslinger, conspiracy theory, and politics. Refreshing! I’ve listened to some pretty crappy PodCast’s in the past and this is not, as Bob puts it, a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist show.

One thing that I find funny is he records his PodCast’s while driving! From what he says he is a traveling salesman. What a great way to utilize your time driving.

Here is a link to his website Today’s Survival Show.

I use my iPhone and a PodCast app that I downloaded from the Apple store to listen. You can also listen direct from his website if you are unable to listen through a smart phone.

Give his PodCast’s a listen, I think you will agree he puts out some pretty good stuff.

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