Christopher Dorner

Have any of you been following this story? Disgruntled employee gets mad, shoots boss, shoots those that support his former boss and targets family members of former boss’s. What I want to say first off is I do not condone what he did or is doing. I feel that this was pretty well planned out long before hand and Dorner had a set of bug out locations all ready set.


At first blush you would think that with all the resources, not just the LAPD but lets throw in the state of California one would think it would be a pretty straight forward manhunt for this murderer. But one needs to look at how this one person has paralyzed a police force of over 10,000 officers. This is not including the Sheriff’s Department or the surrounding municipalities. The amount of manpower and resources being expended and failing to find this guy, is just crazy. And let’s not forget the $1 million reward.

One of the articles I was reading even talked of the “gov” using drones to search for this guy. It also should be noted that the police have changed their routines, motorcycle patrols have been pulled, cops are not riding the LA light rail system for fear of a close quarters ambush, single man patrols have become pairs and pairs have become teams.

If we stand back and look again from a 10,000 ft view and add a twist to this scenario, lets say a well organized group of shall we say terrorist what do you think the outcome would be? I think the LAPD would be absolutely ineffective. Not to pick on the LAPD but any police force could be quickly over whelmed. In my small town, the police or even the county LE would be ineffective in a matter of minutes. Part of the Vietcong TET Offensive in 1969 targeted local police and military MP’s as a first strike against the southern government.

All one has to do is go back and look at the North Hollywood Bank Robbery of February 28, 1997

This was two man team wearing body armor robbing a bank, fairly organized but spun up on drugs. The LAPD again was caught flatfooted. Can you imagine say a few fire teams attacking the police and key infrastructure?

Again I do not condone what Dorner has done. What I find interesting is what a thin line between what we consider civility and anarchy, how it is extremely hard to find one person who does not want to be found. This is even more difficult when the person knows your TTP inside and out. We can bet that there are some “groups” that have been doing their own AAR for some future event.

In the end, with today’s political climate this whole event will be buried not with the spotlight on the victims or the amount of money being spent on this manhunt or even remotely looking at the root problem that started this event but another attack on the 2nd Amendment.

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