Should Obama’s Gun Ban Be Approved?

I ran across this survey today whilst surfing. The poll is conducted by NewsMax a conservative news media outlet.
I was a student of statistics years ago, and the first thing my instructor taught us is you can manipulate any set of numbers to agree with your predetermined outcome while not changing the numbers themselves. I won’t even talk about how you can change the outcome of a survey by manipulating the words of a question.
Interestingly enough a 4:1 ratio is displayed across all the questions on limiting weapons. The majority is against. Something also to look at is the actual numbers. A bit over a million people have participated in the survey (voluntarily, myself included), which is a much larger percentage than any ABC/CNN poll you will ever see plastered all over your TV screen. Most of those survey’s consist of 1200-1400 people selected from a known pool of people with a certain political view, economic or educational background. Rarely if ever is a poll random. The pollsters generally know the outcome of their poll before they begin asking questions based on the demographics selected.
I only show the below numbers knowing the caveats up front but still find it interesting.
I also know that most readers of NewsMax are of a conservative audience and generally better educated. Also I would guess most are suburban or semi rural residents. And one could guess most respondents are from a Red state. Lastly they are of a more independent type mindset, meaning less government intrusion.
If you were to look at Washington DC or politics in general through a picture window, it would be a pretty muddied view. You can see but the general outlines of objects across the street are far from being in focus. With the whole Second Amendment debate (there really isn’t any debate), and generally what the poll below shows is that Washington is so far out of touch with its populace in attempting to make changes based on feelings, that dirty picture window has become a bit clearer in their motivations for even bringing up the subject of gun control. Key word control.
If this discussion, being held currently in the media were to be about the First Amendment could you imagine the rhetoric? It would be a fire hose  turned on at full blast!
I take any poll with a grain of salt knowing there is some political motivation behind them, but in light of the voluntary means of participation I thought that I would share. Most American’s do not want their Bill or Rights messed with in any form for any reason.
Should the federal government regulate guns of any type?

Yes, it should
No, it should not
Should Congress ban semi-automatic weapons?

Yes, it should
No, it should not
If Congress does not act, should President Obama use an executive order to ban or strictly control the sale of semi-automatic weapons?

Yes, he should
No, he should not
Do you agree that the Second Amendment gives citizens the right to own and bear guns without infringement?

Yes, I agree
No, I don’t agree

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