Budget Cuts

I received word today that my deployment has been cancelled. In 20 years of military service and 4 deployments, I have never had a deployment cancelled. No reason really but I am sure with the impending sequester and the draw down in Afghanistan are the biggest reasons for the cut. I can tell you there were a lot of very highly motivated soldiers walking away from formation with long faces and feeling pretty bummed out.

The real tragedy, is all the people that have given up jobs, put jobs on hold, readied our families and friends and basically put our lives on hold to defend our country only to have it all changed up at the last minute. After a year of hard training and preparation,  1 month from our shipping out date it is all done. All for naught?

For a large majority of this country that is either in denial or completely unaware, the sequester has already affected the military. My particular unit receives more resources than most reserve components due to our mission, we were told everything is pretty much on hold. Schools, hiring of civilians that support our mission all in a holding pattern.  I think, and my opinion only, we will see the systematic dismantling of the most professional and dedicated military in our history reduced to a hollow force and the monies pushed towards Washington and the black hole.


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