Could not have said it better myself

Last week WF and I went on much needed trip to the Ozarks. We had a threefold reason, one was to relax, two was to meet up with some family members, and three was to look at some property.

We looked at 4 different pieces of land all pretty varied in terrain. Some of the properties we visited were fairly flat, rolling to hanging off the side of a mountain. Where am I going with this thread? well, On one piece of property I hiked up a pretty steep incline to check out the view. I kind of jogged up the incline in boots to the top, then that’s when it hit me! I felt like a fish laying on the bank sucking air. WF and my brother were at the bottom of the hill watching me so I walked over the ridge and out of view. I put my hands on my knees and started gulping air. I was not going to let the flat landers below see me suffering. I am not in bad shape for my age, but man that was a rude awakening. So below is a video from Southernprepper1. Time to up the intensity of my workouts.

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